Monday, September 2, 2013

Pick Up Sticks Earrings

Pick Up Sticks earrings Jill Wiseman beadwork swarovski Rachel Graham
Yet another project I finished a long time ago and didn’t post!  Shame on me :(  Anyways, these were tricky but very fun to make when I got used to the design.   It’s actually just a very simple cubic right angle weave but the small beads (size 11/0 seed beads) made it a bit tricky to see where the thread needed to go next. 
The design is a variation of Jill Wiseman’s “Pick Up Sticks Bracelet” featured in this years Beadwork June/July issue.  Seeing the cute and sparkly beaded “sticks”stacked together looked so cute I immediately thought of slender earrings with Swarovski bicones (of course lol). I followed the pattern closely but I added size 15/0 beads between each right angle unit to cover the exposed threads.  I honestly don’t like the look of exposed threads in any piece I make.
Here’s the materials I used:
Size 11/0 rounds seed beads – Nickel Plated
Size 15/0 round seed beads – Nickel Plated
3mm Swarovski Bicones – Indicolite AB2x
1 pair sterling silver ear wires
Pick Up Sticks earrings Jill Wiseman beadwork swarovski Rachel Graham
When I tried them on, I fell in love with how delicately they shook and they didn’t have that “bulky” look that I was afraid of.  I imagined wearing these out with my hair up in a curly messy bun but before I could, my aunt bought them from me lol!  It’s all good, they look better on her XD
I’ll definitely be making more of these but I’m short on color ideas :(
Until next time :)