Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beaded Crystal Loop Earrings

mabeline gidez evangaline's beaded crystal loop earrings padparadscha emerald pacific opal

mabeline gidez evangaline's beaded crystal loop earrings padparadscha emerald pacific opal 2

After a little tiny journey, I finally was able to make these earrings!! Basically, a couple months ago I saw a youtube vid by Kelly from offthebeadedpath and she was wearing some beautiful and extremely sparkly beaded crystal earrings. I immediately fell in love with them and I began searching on Etsy and almost every other handmade jewelry site for these earrings but no such luck. However, one day I was doing some shopping at Beads n' Other Needs near my home and on their wall of picture tutorials I noticed a pattern for the same earrings that I had been looking for all this time!! The tutorial was created by Mabeline Gidez and it's super easy to follow. If you're a slightly more experienced beader, you can easily find a way to use a single needle as opposed to the 2 needles that are used in the tutorial.
Anyways, once I got the idea of how to make these, I splurged on and bought 4mm Padparadscha AB2x bicones (outline color) along with 3mm Emerald AB (main color) and Pacific Opal bicones (inner color). I was a little nervous about using such bold colors but as I started weaving, it became clear that they were an awesome combo :)
Can't wait to make these in more colors! I'll definitely be posting soon :)
P.S The pics don't do the color and sparkle of these any justice!

Swarovski Crystal Blooming Bubble Rings

   Swarovski bicone beaded bubble dome right angle weave ring

These bubbly little ring creations were inspired by a tutorial in a book I’ve had for a very long while, “The Bead Palette” by Ondori staff.  I found’s 4mm Escape Crystal Bicone Mix to be very helpful for the color inspiration for the second ring :)

I’ll admit I was eating a lot of chocolate when I made the first ring XD

New Swarovski Crystal Topaz Heart Ring

       Swarovski crystal topaz crystal bronze beaded heart drop pendant ring

This honey colored ring was designed in the same fashion as the Jet and Cyclamen Opal Flower ring in my previous post :)

I used 10mm Topaz AB Swarovski Hearts and 6mm Crystal Bronze Drop Pendants along with some Smoked Topaz Bicones

I’m thinking of doing another with 14mm hearts instead of 10mm ;)

New Swarovski Heart and Rivoli Flower Ring

                Swarovski crystal 10mm jet black heart cyclamen opal rivoli bicone flower petal beaded ring

My newest edition to my ring collection! You can check out my previous posts for my original flower rings :)

I used 10mm Jet Swarovski Hearts layered with super cute 6mm Cyclamen Opal Rivolis XD

I’ll be making more of these soon but for now I need to find some color inspirations!  I have a bad habit of always picking black and purple :(

This ring is inspired by Cecily’s tutorial photo on Etsy :)