Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Industrial Chic Bracelet from Beadwork Magazine

Industrial Chic Bracelet Callie Mitchell Beadwork magazine swarovski crystal

This bracelet was definitely the most time consuming that I have ever done……. it took almost 3 weeks to finish!  To be honest, there were times that I wanted to throw it in the “Take-Apart” bin and just move on to something else but just looking at Callie Mitchell’s Industrial Chic pattern in Beadwork Magazine gave me the motivation to keep it going :) 

If anyone is inspired to make this bracelet, please take note of one very important thing……use identical size 8/0 beads for the base!!  I wish I knew this before I started the first bracelet base :(  I was using some leftover beads from my Mom’s stash and while going through them, I realized how many were warped, broken, or just flat as lentils!  I didn’t think much of it at first but then I realized how much time I was spending just looking for the next semi-normal shaped bead that I could pick up next.   So finally I just gave up and ordered some awesome Hematite Toho beads from ArtBeads.com.  When I got the package, I was so thrilled to see that all the beads in the bag were almost completely identical and then it was easy-beading from then on….at least as far as the base goes.   Oh and one last important thing…..be prepared to break a lot of needles :( There were many areas that were so tightly woven and “crowded” with other beads that I couldn’t weave easily through without breaking the needle tip.  I’m not sure if I’ll do another like this again but I am pleased with the finished piece ;)

The supplies I used are almost exactly as what was listed in Callie’s pattern but I’ll include exact colors and such:

  • Size 12 beading needles
  • 6lb Fireline thread – Smoke
  • TOHO Metallic Hematite Round Seed Beads 8/0
  • Silver Round Seed Beads 15/0
  • 4mm Swarovski Bicones:
    -Cyclamen Opal
    -Jet Hematite
    -Purple Velvet
    -Tanzanite AB
  • 3mm Jet Hematite 2x Swarovski Bicones