Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crystal Astral Pink Flower Ring!!

Swarovski Crystal Astral Pink 10mm Heart pendant ring chibistar88 rachel graham

      Swarovski Crystal Astral Pink 10mm Heart pendant ring chibistar88 rachel graham

I’m obsessed with Swarovski’s new color, Crystal Astral Pink!!  The honey-colored crystal is even more vibrant with a gorgeous hot pink iridescent coating giving it a special effect that I’ve never seen before!  I’ve always loved making these flower crystal rings but when I finally received my package, I swear I finished this ring twice as fast as it normally takes!!  I couldn’t wait to wear it lol XD.

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Wanna make this ring yourself?  Take a look at Kelly’s FREE tutorial on Youtube! I had originally purhcased a PDF tutorial from Ety to make this ring but over time, the seller suddenly stopped offering the tutorial so I couldn’t recommend it to others anymore :(  Suddenly, I accidently came upon Kelly’s Youtube tutorial and I couldn’t believe how similar it was to the tutorial I bought!  The finished result is exactly the same but the steps were slightly different from what I had learned :)

Kelly used slightly larger components in her video however I used the following materials to create this ring which is roughly 1 1/2 inches wide:

  • (6) 10mm Crystal Astral Pink Heart Pendants
  • (6) 4mm Mocha Bicone Crystals
  • (6) 4mm Clear Bicone Crystals
  • Size 11 Chocolate Silver Lined Round Seed Beads (less than 1 gram)
  • .10” Clear Illusion Cord (about 3.5 feet”)

Check back soon for more crystal jewelry creations!

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